Irthame! (We Are Here!/ We Arrived!) is a text-based painting of the Greek word ‘Ηρθαμε (Irthame) that takes various meanings in the Greek language. It is used to announce presence, arrival, or an unwillingness to retreat. I was interested in painting the negative space of the word with black oil on a black gessoed surface in order to reveal the word through the representation of its negative space. The word is used widely in every day conversations and it has been one of the main slogans used in riots against the government during the last years of crisis. I chose the word as one that includes the first plural person (We) and stands for a body that declares its presence and manifests itself as visible through an announcement (I am here!), a body that is in motion (I arrived!), a body that is unwilling to retreat (I am not going back!). Irthame! stands for a group of people that identify as we, as visible, as present and not willing to retreat.